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Paulina spent her early childhood half a world away from the Napa Valley, in a very different time and place. Against the backdrop of Czechoslovakia, she noticed that people came back to life over a bottle of wine at the kitchen table. Even as a child, she knew that there was something magical about sharing a drink with friends and family:  conformity fell away, fear disappeared, and connection returned color to their lives. 


Paulina’s fascination with wine continued through early adulthood. She moved to California and that interest turned into a passion as  she started spending more time in Napa Valley with her family and friends, slowing down to share that bottle of wine and learning what it takes to make a beautiful wine.

Paulina started AMPL to bring that experience to us. Napa Valley is far away from the Czech Republic of her youth, but that connection between a glass of wine, spending time with family, and joy remains. 

AMPL wines connect an Old World tradition of craft and care to a New World creation that is balanced, structured, and meets the rigorous AVA standards. At the same time, AMPL wines allow the beauty and elegance of floral, earthy, and brambly notes to shine. Paulina has brought together everything you want in an expensive wine with none of the pretense:  this wine is for sharing, from her family to yours. 

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